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  • Yas Ahmad

Stereograms Teach Us an Important Lesson About Perception in Recruitment.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

As a child. I loved to search the internet and find a good stereogram. Mainly because most of my friends could never work out to see the hidden image. If your new to stereograms. They are an optical illusion. The 2D image looks like a normal pattern, however defocussing your eyes allows you to see a 3D hidden image within the 2D Image.

Below is an example of how a stereogram works. The top left image is the stereogram and the top right picture is the hidden image and what you would see if you can defocus.

Still not seeing the butterfly in the top left image? Here is what you need to do:

A stereogram shows us that hidden amongst the mess is a unique image. It’s a great analogy for data. Hidden amongst our data are great insights we can learn from.

What you find might surprise you. Looking at AVG days in funnel stage, or even conversion ratios. These are all important metrics which allow you to adjust your approach. It’s important to self evaluate and be the first to evaluate your data so you can optimise and save your self time and effort in working. Working smarter not harder.

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