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  • Yas Ahmad

TA Teams Need to Know How to Source Customers and Sell Hats

Recently I was in a discussion with some industry peers and talking about the word pivot. What does it actually mean? Humans are creatures of habit. How can we openly pivot? Many of them complimented TA 4.0 and said HelloFresh TA is doing what most companies struggle to do in TA. Which is pivot. But I thought to myself, “we have so far to go, not everyone is bought-in”. So I want you to think of this scenario to understand what we are trying to do.

Scenario: Imagine yourself at a very large concert, 80,000 concert goers. At this concert, there are huge 30 ft screens, seated areas, and multiple shops to purchase drinks and snacks. In between aisles you have workers with baskets of food and drinks walking around trying to sell them. At the end of every aisle, there is a vending machine.

Problem: Now imagine you are trying to sell hats to these guests. You have a basket and you walk in between the aisles to sell your hats. You might sell 10, 20, 30 maybe even 100 hats. However, you want to sell 10,000 hats. So now you hire 5 workers who walk in between the aisles selling hats too. Again you might sell 100, 200, or 300 but still don't reach the 10,000. The desirability isn't there.

Pivot: Your current method of selling isn't working to its optimal capacity. It works but it's not having the reach you require to achieve your goal. So you decide to double down on getting everyone's attention. You’re realising not everyone knows that hats are being sold. So you speak to shop owners and make sure your hats are being sold there. You speak to the vending machine operators and do a deal to have your hats sold in the vending machines. You speak to the organisers of the concert to ensure they play an advert for your product on the 30ft screens every 30 mins. You get adverts placed behind every seat at the concert. In the toilets, you get adverts placed inside every cubicle. You set up a website where people can buy your hat directly and the hats get shipped the next day. Eventually, you start to sell 10,000 hats. More people at the concert know about your product. They line up at the shops to purchase your hats, more people talk about your product, you have a lot more people stopping you at the aisles and so on.

The concert is life.

The shop is a job board.

The person with the basket is a sourcer or recruiter.

The adverts on the 30 ft screen are mass marketing campaigns.

The adverts on the chairs and cubicles are niche targeted campaigns.

The website is the Community pages.

Hopefully, you’ve figured out where I am going with this. But if you haven't here is the simplest way to look at this analogy. Everyone is distracted by life. Every company is selling a job. To attract talent multiple efforts have to be combined to build a brand and desire.

Your job today will eventually evolve. Whether by choice or by force. At some point you will realise the efforts you make are superseded by actions far less time-consuming. In this example, 1 to 1 sourcing is far outweighed by 1-to-many recruiting marketing. Not to say sourcing isn't required, on the contrary, it is required in collaboration among other things to achieve the end goal. Which is to sell 10,000 hats, not 100.

Think about this the next time you dismiss a task that might not provide visible tangible results.

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