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  • Yas Ahmad

Overcoming Mistakes

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Often in recruitment we lose, actually, we lose a lot. We lose candidates all the time. Sometimes the pain of losing something is more powerful than the pleasure of winning it.

There is a concept called Loss Aversion identified by famous scientist Amost Tversky and Daniel Kahneman. Essentially stating we as humans try our best to avoid losing over acquiring equivalent gains. Losing 100 euros vs gaining 100 euros doesn't give us the same amount of feeling. This often happens with investors, the fear of losing makes investors hold onto losing positions. It gets worse with the media shaming investors who cut ties with losing positions instead of celebrating the fact they saves themselves and showed clear, rationale thinking. The problem is the fear of losing causes us to delay.

Turn a mistake into a decision

Avoid an emotional connection to your topic. Whether this is an investment or a role you are hiring for. Distant your emotions from the decision making wherever possible. So ask yourself these two questions.

  • Is this a mistake or am I being objective and rational in this decision?

  • Is this a mistake or am I too connected emotionally to make a rational decision?

If you clearly cant decide then get a third party objective opinion. The point of this is to pick up and keep moving. If one month you hire 5 people and the next you hire 1. It's an opportunity to learn what went right and what could have improved. Not an opportunity for you to build fear of future mistakes. It happens we have good months and bad.


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