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  • Yas Ahmad

The Paradox of Today and Tomorrow

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Embracing change is something we all try to do at HelloFresh. Over the past two decades how we consume information has changed drastically and more so in the last 5 years. Individuals need to shift from focusing on years of accumulated wisdom in a single discipline to shifting their focus on the ability to access, interpret and contextualise insights provided instantaneously by data/machines.

We need to re-think how we practice self-leadership and self-navigation. We are now incredibly interdependent as a workplace and society.

We need talent in areas where we have no history (TA 4.0). IoT, Web3, 5g, and Remote working all these developments present new challenges for us and require different thinking for development.

This is the paradox of today and tomorrow.

Do you train your team and yourself for today or tomorrow? If you develop them for the challenges of today, you might not a have future because you are not ready for tomorrow’s challenges (think about Blockbuster, Kodak, Nokia etc) and if you train them for tomorrow you may lose sight of what is happening in the present. We need to embrace this conundrum and develop systems that can train ourselves for today and tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking about this Paradox for years. It’s why I coined the term TA 4.0. We are simply navigating today and tomorrow at the same time. Our OKRs drive us towards tomorrow via TA 4.0. Our health metrics ensure we do not lose sight of what is important today. As a Talent team, we should think regularly about our own development. Am I focusing on today's task and have I also considered the future?

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