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  • Yas Ahmad

🏳️‍🌈 What If We All Saw Ghosts Instead?

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

I’ve often contemplated this thought. With Pride month here, I can't help but ask myself important questions about us. Today I drove from Reading to Dundee to visit family. A 470 miles journey, totalling an 8-hour drive. I left at 3.30 am and had a lot of time to wonder. I wondered, what if we saw souls instead of bodies? What would we consider handsome or pretty? What is the first thing people would notice about you? What would you want to hide from them seeing? Who would you impress? Who would you love?

What would you adjust as you walked past the reflection? What kind of work would you do? What would your ambitions be? How would you strive to be better if how much money you had or what was next to your name (Sir, OBE) or even put on your body? What if that no longer affected what people saw?

Would you spend so much time in the gym? Or at the salon, who would you fall in love with? What would be your type? Tall, dark and handsome or creative kind and self-aware?

Whom would we idolize and watch or what? Whom would we make famous, and for what reason? Whom would we celebrate?

Would we change our value system to prioritise the things that bring us peace? What would we do if we weren't spending it on ourselves and convincing everybody else that we are a way we really aren’t? What would success look like? Is it the soul that shines the brightest? What if our priority was just to become enlightened? What kindness and joy and healing would come from that journey?

What if we didn't see people as bad, but just their light is blocked? If we could observe, them packing in their pain or how they hold on to a belief that blocks them from being kind to others. Blocks them shining on others? What if we realised people are no different from us? What if we realised our souls wanted nothing more than to be connected? What would happen if we realised our bodies just acted out on their false ideas of being separate, shamed, different, oddballs, ok but not good enough?

What would happen if we embraced every single individualistic part of ourselves? All while remember, we are just souls. What would happen if we realised we weren't that different at all?

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