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  • Yas Ahmad

How I increased my email open rate by 67% with a moving GIF in my display picture.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

I was speaking to a friend that specialises in marketing a few months ago, and he was telling me how the average person has over 100 unread emails in their inbox daily. This was interesting because he went on to explain that many people simply miss emails.

On occasions, I’ve used the simple subject line format of [MUST READ] in a subject line. This, I find, helps but not dramatically.

I was still curious if there was another way of getting a reader's attention. So a few weeks ago I found out that GIFs can be added to display pictures in Google mail. (Here’s a quick guide).

Quick search online to find a gif maker, and I had my own display picture GIF after a few minutes, I was done. Looking at my open rates using a chrome a add-on I was able to see that my open rates were slowly increasing daily.

I think little hacks like this have a small difference, but after a while, many little hacks add up to make a significant difference.


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